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New batch will join us by the end of this year!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 new startups to our community, we can't wait for their journey with us to begin. They have been selected by the jury in the beginning of the month. 



Startup spin-off of the University of Luxembourg, mostly composed of PhDs. DataThings is a software development start-up which is specialized in developing custom-made machine learning, digital twins, and artificial intelligence solutions for a variety of businesses. We offer a one-of-a-kind technological platform that enables Financial Institutions to accelerate by 300 the processing time required to deliver advanced client profiling, sophisticated transaction analysis, accurate predictions, and ad hoc simulations, achieving near real-time on small on-prem infrastructures.


Date of creation: 2017
Achievements: Reduced by 99,5% the processing time to analyze hundreds of millions of banking transactions.



Filum is an application that creates links between ideas, notes and people. It takes the form of a self-organized note-taking system that mirrors the information in the brain and simplify everything, without a big layer of AI.


Date of creation: 2014



Mopso offers a software platform to improve the anti-money laundering process of any financial institution. With the use of semantic web technologies and web 3.0, it handles all the customers’ checks during the continuous relationship.


Date of creation: 2021
Achievements: eSSIF-Lab, Fit4Start, we work for Illimity Bank and Banca Reale, seed round with CRIF and CDP



SOPIAD is the independent provider of client-centric ratings that simplify investors decisions while comforting their financial well-being and alignment with their personal value.
SAFIR, SOPIAD’s personalized investment portfolio diagnostic, aims at translating complex investment choices into a personalized investment decision, represented as ratings reflecting the goodness-of-fit between investments and investor.


Date of creation: 2021
Achievements: One of the world’s top100 most innovative WealthTech companies



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