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Established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1998, CALI Europe (Crédit Agricole Life Insurance) is the Crédit Agricole Group Luxembourg-based life insurance company. They offer top-of-the-range and customised life insurance and capitalisation products to international customers.

Life insurance is a wealth management and estate planning solution that gives you the best options for managing, retaining or passing on your assets. These policies offer you the ability to choose a custom-made investment strategy tailored to your personal situation and suited to your investor profile.

The life insurance and capitalisation policies offered by CALI Europe are efficient, high-end wealth management solutions aimed at an international audience.

CALI Europe’s multi-vehicle and multi-currency life insurance and capitalisation policies can be adapted to the needs and objectives of each customer.
They offer several investment solutions for managing their capital and tailoring their investments via a wide range of unit-linked and currency vehicles.