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Making investment decisions is more challenging than ever due to numerous options accessible, product sophistication and the vast amount of information available. Whether supported by bankers, financial advisors, robo-advisors or self-directed based on investor`s own research, investment decisions should be furthermore enabled.

On the one hand, average retail investors are overwhelmed by the total complexity of, and uncertainty associated with, the investment products available. It is difficult for individual investors who are not financially savvy to find, understand and compare this information in order to make an informed investment decision and choose a suitable product.

On the other hand, bankers and advisors must put their clients back at the heart of the investment equation. While captive investors are looking for closer connection with banks, new generations take up the investment baton and they are looking for more personalized & automated products & advices (“Netflix mode”).

SOPIAD stands for “Socrates Portfolio-Investor Adequacy”, which alludes to knowledge and self-awareness in the context of investing, we ultimately help financial intermediaries simplify their clients investing experience.