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We have been linking start-ups and partner companies since 2014, with the goal of accelerating innovation and business by means of a unique network implemented throughout France and the World.
We help start-ups develop thanks to our special 360° support system (master classes, conferences, expert networks, dedicated spaces for hosting clients and investors, linkages with major business groups, and an alumni network). We provide partner companies with the ability to enact their own digital transformation by cooperating with our start-ups in order to experiment new and innovative ways of working.
The Villages by CA network is endowed with various international staging posts, including a Village by CA in Milan, as well as locations in some of the world’s major cities (London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo) in order to propel the international development of our start-ups.










Villages Opened
Millions € of Fundraising
Villages Opened
Millions € of Fundraising




Discover our pool of start-ups working towards imagining and building the practices of tomorrow in terms of work, food, energy, finance, housing, culture, commerce, cybersecurity, and mobility



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Our partner ecosystem consists of major, mid-cap and small companies, schools, universities, and even regional, national and international actors. As essential players in the Village by CA network’s development, our partners benefit from the innovative and contemporary solutions provided by our pool of start-ups.



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Actualités du village

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New batch will join us by the end of this year!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 new startups to our community, we can't wait for their journey with us to begin. They have been selected by the jury in the beginning of the month. 



Startup spin-off of the University of Luxembourg, mostly composed of PhDs. DataThings is a software development start-up which is specialized in developing custom-made machine learning, digital twins, and artificial intelligence solutions for a variety of businesses. We offer a one-of-a-kind technological platform that enables Financial Institutions to accelerate by 300 the processing time required to deliver advanced client profiling, sophisticated transaction analysis, accurate predictions, and ad hoc simulations, achieving near real-time on small on-prem infrastructures.


Date of creation: 2017
Achievements: Reduced by 99,5% the processing time to analyze hundreds of millions of banking transactions.



Filum is an application that creates links between ideas, notes and people. It takes the form of a self-organized note-taking system that mirrors the information in the brain and simplify everything, without a big layer of AI.


Date of creation: 2014



Mopso offers a software platform to improve the anti-money laundering process of any financial institution. With the use of semantic web technologies and web 3.0, it handles all the customers’ checks during the continuous relationship.


Date of creation: 2021
Achievements: eSSIF-Lab, Fit4Start, we work for Illimity Bank and Banca Reale, seed round with CRIF and CDP



SOPIAD is the independent provider of client-centric ratings that simplify investors decisions while comforting their financial well-being and alignment with their personal value.
SAFIR, SOPIAD’s personalized investment portfolio diagnostic, aims at translating complex investment choices into a personalized investment decision, represented as ratings reflecting the goodness-of-fit between investments and investor.


Date of creation: 2021
Achievements: One of the world’s top100 most innovative WealthTech companies



Coming soon !

© Silicon Luxembourg

As part of the Village Awards, the competition organised by Le Village by CA network, the best local collaborations between startups and corporations were awarded yesterday.

The Summer Party  was organised in association with the LOIC – the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club powered by the House of Startups ,  a network federating some 40 Luxembourg companies and their innovation managers- and Silicon Luxembourg. It aimed first and foremost to bring together the networks and facilitate exchanges.

It was also an opportunity to highlight startups and companies that have successfully completed innovative projects together. For the first time ever, a quarter of the final projects in the annual competition came from Luxembourg.

It was therefore a perfect opportunity to highlight the entrepreneurs and innovation managers in the context of a dedicated event that was both festive and placed under the theme of networking.

Eight duos were selected and presented yesterday by the jury composed of: Amélie Madinier, director of Le Village by CA Luxembourg network, Emilie Bechet, manager  of LOIC, and Charles-Louis Machuron, founder and CEO of Silicon Luxembourg. They had to decide between the finalists in four categories: the most effective collaboration, the most unexpected collaboration, the most sustainable collaboration and finally the Coup de cœur of this edition.

The finalists in each category are:

  • Lingua Custodia and Crédit Agricole Indosuez Wealth Management (Most Effective Collaboration)
  • EmailTree and Webhelp (Most Effective Collaboration)
  • Molecular Plasma Group and Robert Schuman Hospitals (Most Unexpected Collaboration)
  • Effency and CA-GIP (Most Unexpected Collaboration)
  • No Big Deal and Orange Luxembourg (Most Sustainable Collaboration)
  • ANote Music and Algorand (Most Sustainable Collaboration)
  • ImmoPass and Bâloise Luxembourg (Coup de cœur Collaboration)
  • Urban Timetravel and the City of Luxembourg (Coup de cœur Collaboration)

As a symbol of the innovative relationship between startups and corporates, a plant was given to each of them as a reward. A young one to be grown together to push the symbolism a little further. Enlivened by the projection of 8 videos and testimonies of each duo – to be watched soon on the organisers’ networks – the rewarded collaborations are :

  • Lingua Custodia and Crédit Agricole Indosuez Wealth Management (Most Effective Collaboration) for their project to automatically translate financial documents
  • MPG and Robert Schuman Hospitals (Most unexpected collaboration) for their large-scale mask production project
  • No Big Deal and Orange Luxembourg (Most Sustainable Collaboration) for their “Let’z Clean” project combining waste collection, a sports challenge and employee involvement
  • ImmoPass and Bâloise Luxembourg (Collaboration coup de coeur) for their project of technical control of real estate and their collaboration very early in the life of the startup.

The evening continued with a great convivial moment in the garden of the House of Startups. While waiting for next year’s awards, companies and startups are invited to contact the Village by CA and LOIC networks to share their annual innovation projects and testify to effective collaborations with local startups.

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Ils parlent de nous

As a responsible Fintech, Lingua Custodia believes it has a role to play in the development of the ecosystem. That's why we chose to be a member of Village by CA Luxembourg. There is a great team that truly and deeply understands the issues and challenges we are all facing and that allows the Fintech industry to have a global reach.

Lingua Custodia

Our path to the Village by CA Luxembourg was natural because it is one of the best actors and supports in the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg but also internationally. We are now much more present abroad. Having access to the prestigious network of one of the 10 largest banks in the world is a real asset for us.

Goldbaum (Alumni)